Repertoire Requirements

  • Divisions I and II
    Two compositions from contrasting style periods, one from memory.
  • Division III
    Two Compositions from contrasting style periods. Memorization is optional.

Theory/Technique Requirements

  • Division I ( Grades 3 – 6)
    Major scales of F Bb G D C A for one octave in player’s range, moderate tempo, in rhythm, all slurred, all tongued.
  • Division II ( Grades 7 – 9)
    Add to Division I requirements another flat and another sharp major scale,

    and melodic minors a d g c f e b f# and c#. Also two octave chromatic scale in player’s range.
  • Division III ( Grades 10 -12 )
    All major and melodic minor scales, moderate speed, same rhythm. Chromatic scale throughout player’s range.