The Teacher of the Year Award is presented annually to a member of SCMTA in recognition of sustained excellence and achievement in teaching, professional development, and service to colleagues and to the organization and profession.


To be considered for the award, a nominee must exhibit a sustained commitment to teaching, professional development, and service (nominees must meet all criteria):

  • Teaching
    • Maintain a high quality reputation as a teacher
    • Demonstrate sustained commitment to the personal and musical development of their students
    • Demonstrated promotion of music education throughout the state
  • Professional Development
    • Maintain the highest standard of ethical behavior
    • Maintain a high level of professional collegiality and camaraderie
    • Demonstrated commitment to their own professional development and musical/artistic growth
  • Service
    • Demonstrate a sustained record of active involvement in the organization
    • Sustained record of service to the teaching community at the local and/or state level
    • A record of leadership and advancement of music education at the local and/or state level


All candidates for the award must be current members of SCMTA. Previous winners may not be nominated.


All nominators and nominees must be residents of South Carolina. Candidates for the award may be nominated by individuals or by local organizations, or by the state organization. No self-nominations will be considered.

Application materials

Application Form

All nomination packets must be submitted by June 30 of each year and must include the following:

  • Nominator Information: Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Nominee Information: Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • Nomination letter including the following information:
    • Nominee’s years of teaching experience
    • Evidence of nominee’s excellence in teaching
    • Nominee’s teaching or professional achievements
    • Nominee’s contributions to local and/or state organizations
    • Nominee’s contributions to the profession
  • Additional requirements
    • Letter of support from a professional colleague(s)
    • Letter of support from a student(s) or student’s parent


The award recipient will be determined by the SCMTA Executive Committee.

Once a recipient of the award has been determined, the individual will be notified and asked to submit a photo and a biography for inclusion in the State Conference program and on the SCMTA website. The recipient will be recognized at the State Conference.