South Carolina is the host state for the upcoming MTNA Southern Division Competitions, scheduled for the weekend of January 14–16, 2017 at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.

We need volunteers to help with setting up, serving, and cleaning up the refreshments those three days. The members of the Columbia MTA are helping where they can, but additional volunteers would be much appreciated. If you can help at any time during the weekend, please contact Debbie Riuth.

Each year these Southern Division competitions rotate around the 9 states that comprise the Division, and only come to South Carolina once every 9 years. Next month there will be 126 students coming to compete, and we would love to show all the judges, monitors, and MTNA officials some good South Carolina hospitality, and to do this we need sufficient funding and volunteers.

South Carolina Competition Winners

Congratulations to all South Carolina MTNA Competition Winners! Best wishes to all of these outstanding young musicians as they proceed to the MTNA Southern Division Competitions.

Complete List of SC Winners

MTNA Southern Division Competitions at USC Jan 14-16