MTNA Southern Division Competitions were held January 14-16 at the University of South Carolina School of Music. Congratulations to these students and their teachers from SCMTA! Winners will represent Southern Division in the National Finals in Baltimore in March.

Junior Performance Piano – 9 entries
Winner: Caleb Borick, student of Joseph Rackers

Junior Performance Woodwind – 4 entries
Honorable Mention: Blair Carrier, Flute, student of Amanda Barrett

Senior Performance Brass – 3 entries
Winner: Miriam Snyder, Trombone, student of David Hamilton

Senior Performance String – 9 entries
Winner: Sam Parrini, Violin, student of Jennifer John

Senior Performance Woodwind – 8 entries
Honorable Mention: Cullen Broome, Clarinet, student of Kyra Zhang

Young Artist Performance Brass – 7 entries
Alternate: Jonathan Holland Jr., Euphonium, student of Paul Overly

Senior Composition – 5 entries
Winner: Jenny Yao, student of Edward Hart

MTNA Southern Division Winners from SC